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Please reach out to [email protected] for more information about renting any of our Diamond Bar PONY Baseball fields. Thank you!


Diamond Bar PONY Baseball Field Rental Information

On June 28, 2020 Diamond Bar Pony Baseball's Board of Directors voted unanimously to end the season for the health and safety of our players and families. From that point on Diamond Bar Pony Baseball has prohibited any Diamond Bar Pony Baseball teams from use of any of the Diamond Bar Pony Baseball fields. 

These fields are not public property but privately owned by the Diamond Bar Pony Baseball organization. This means that Diamond Bar Pony Baseball has the obligation to maintain the fields, pay all utilities, property taxes and all other costs related to the fields. These obligations do not stop when the fields are not being used. 

For the last six seasons our average field costs have been $43,029 per year. That is nearly $4000 per month, every month for the entire year. It doesn't matter whether we use the fields, the rain keeps us out or a virus halts the leagues use of the fields, we must meet the obligations or the fields will not be ready and usable for our league when we do finally get back to playing baseball. 

Because there are teams and players, coaches and parents that want to continue to play baseball we are renting out the fields for practices and games. The fields are closed to the Diamond Bar Pony Baseball program. Travel teams, adult leagues, and a girls’ softball program are currently renting the fields. 

In order to avoid significantly raising the sign-up costs for the kids playing every season, renting the fields are necessary to bring in revenue to help meet our obligations. 

In all cases, each organization is required to provide liability insurance, a release from liability to Diamond Bar Pony Baseball, and agree to comply with the Cal OSHA COVID-19 guidance and all government rules and conditions. 

In all cases, Diamond Bar Pony Baseball is not involved nor responsible for the operations or supervision of any of these renting organizations. Diamond Bar Pony Baseball is simply renting time on the fields to any organization that will comply with our terms and conditions. Pricing for all fields are in alignment with the rental rates we have charged over the last three seasons. 

If anyone is interested in more details, please email [email protected]

If any organization is interested in renting the fields for practices, either short-term or monthly, they may contact us for availability. Our current rental rates per field are: weekends $250 per day, or $200 per half day, weekdays are $100 for two hours, or $150 for 1/2 day. 

If anyone is available to help with field maintenance or would like to donate to Diamond Bar Pony Baseball please contact us. Being a volunteer organization, we welcome all the help we can get! 

Chuck Nelson
Field Manager Diamond Bar Pony Baseball 

Diamond Bar Pony Baseball

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